The main objectives of the Programme are to:

  1. equip and empower graduates with practical skills of managing overt and covert behaviors of personnel working in diverse sectors of the economy;
  2. produce graduates who are psychologically adjusted to occupy leadership positions in their areas of operation;
  3. train graduates who are psychologically and mentally equipped to meet the requirements for employment in the labour market, thereby contributing to the eradication of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria;
  4. develop in graduates a broad, balanced and analytical psychological knowledge necessary for understanding and resolving health related challenges such as HIV/AIDS;
  5. produce graduates with a wide range of human development knowledge processes as they relate to and improve on family, school, and workplace bond;
  6. equip students with a broad range of cognitive and practical skills necessary for carrying out empirical research directed at resolving psycho-socio-economic challenges of the nation; and
  7. make students sufficiently confident to engage in intellectual discourse and

 debates of psychological relevance in an independent manner.